Float Specials

Olympic Special 79.99 Sale 59.99+Tax Buy Now

sochi-2014-262145_1920-768x543 In honour of the Olympics enjoy a float!

Many athletes and sports enthusiasts float to ease muscle strain and exhaustion.  So ease your muscles and relax your mind with a float!

Available until March 3, 2018

Mini Vacation 94.00Sale 69.99 +Tax Buy Now


Enjoy the ultimate relaxation Special with a 90 min float and a 30 min Osaki Chair Massage.  A great way to refresh and restore your mind and body!


Two for Tuesday    $158  Special $79 Buy Now!

Father and son bonding togetherness warming feet by cozy Christmas fireplace, with decorated Christmas tree, Christmas stockings, and poinsettias.

Relax Together

Looking for a way to relax and get away from the stress and cold?  Try our Two for Tuesday Special. On Tuesdays (9am-9pm) We are offering a great deal! Two people can float on Tuesday for the price of one.

Just call and book your floats or book on line.  (Both appointments have to be on the same day)


Student Special $79 Special $45 Buy Now!iStock_000015141897_Medium

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Are you a Student? When you present a valid Student ID you can have a float that fits your budget.  It is the perfect way to relax, recharge, and refocus.  Ideal for writing papers, or exams.  A float will help you relax and when you are relaxed you are better able to focus and handle stress.

Chair Massage   Now  $15   Buy Now!chair massage

A 30 minute massage in our luxurious Osaki massage chair.  The Osaki Chair uses air cushions and heat to help you relax. There are a variety of programs to choose from or you can create your own combinations with controls at your fingertips. A Perfect way to take a break from the busy holiday season.